Issue on Connecting my watch Sony smartwatch3

Dear Team I am not able to connect my watch Sony SmartWatch 3 to the Xperia z5 premium since the Last uninstall of Facer app some days ago the watch is Android 1.5 Any suggestions please…

Sorry to hear that you are having issues connecting. If no-one here jumps in with some advice you could raise a support request through the official channels:


or send an email to:

I imagine that they will want to know the full version numbers for your operating systems ( phone and watch ) and the various apps ( again on the phone and watch ).

By the way, I am not familiar with Android 1.5, is that an early version of WearOS?

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Dear Mike thanks for the reply after à search on internet i réalise that sony smartwatch 3 not having Any New update on1.5 os so it is the récent somedays ago the watch was connected with the watch without Any issues then after doing some cleaning on my mobile and reinstall all my app only Facer having this trouble…so sad as i use it since years hope they do one update to. Consider that à thousands of user as i am still running on older OS.

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