[Issue] Two Second Loop Animation

Hi there,

I was following the instruction of Mark @eradicator09 to make a nice 2 second frame animation.

Good news is that the animation is running smoothly at the watch.

However, in the web browser I do see sometimes (I guess when the calculated tie is zero) that an image is missing for a micro period of time.

Here are my transparency expressions for all pictures.

Could somebody (@eradicator09) find out, what I’m missing. Thanks.


Technically the first frames should be “>=”, but I’m lazy with my excel formula sheet I use. So when time is xx:00:00, that millisecond is false. That’s why I generally use a static frame as a background (usually a copy of frame 1 or last frame) to bridge the gap.

lazy excel:

So first frame should be $(#Dsm#-#Ds#)>=(0*0.125)&&

Same would go for the other squarewave first frame.

Hello @eradicator09,

the tried the “trick” with >= too, but the (first) picture did not appears, when I set all time to 0:00:00…

hmmm, when in doubt will a static image work?

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