Issue with progress tool

I have designed a watch face that works perfectly fine on facer web as well as on watch but when i try to look it through facer mobile app progress portion of that watch face distort even move in diffrent direction than actual. #feature-requests:facer-android #facer-creator
Anyone else faces that issue.

Screenshot from the mobile application.

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Have you ticked the “reverse fill” box? There is a known issue with the progress bar if you tick this box.

yeah, you are right. I did ticked that. Now i will find some other way.

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I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to achieve but this thread might help

Thanks mike for that link, But the issue is that it worked fine everywhere, just on facer mobile application the width of progress tool display less than actual and shows opposite rotation then as per formula but yeah, that can be corrected by unticking reverse option.

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Ok. Have you managed to get it working now ( without the reverse box ticked )? Did you need any help with that?

Just so you are aware: it does not work on all watches either. My Fossil will show the opposite direction as well, so it is best to use the workaround.

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Actually, No! Whenever I put progress, it’s width displayed less on mobile app compare to everywhere else. but as I mention, it works fine though!
below image as on everywhere.
p.s Moblie application is updated to version 5.1.38_102037


below image as on mobile application.

and if we increase the width it will upset in actual.

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You are right, I noticed that.

Mmm, I’ve not seen that happen before. If you share your settings here I can try to see if anything stands out that you can try.