Second tick marks - make them appear

Hi there,
I´m searching for a solution - Making tick marks appear one after another like second-indicator.
Not as a dot running all around in circle but after for example after 15 seconds of a minute the first 15 tick marks should be visible, after 30 seconds the first 30 and so on…
When reaching 60 sec. all have to disappear and it starts over.

Tried it with “progress” but it didn´t work ´cause I was not able to make it invers, means first all is covered and then getting visible. All the time every ticks are visible and one more disappears with every second.
Hope it´s understandable what I mean… :wink:

Any idea anyone? Would be great.

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I think this might work.

Using a progress element. Set the following:

Fill ratio: (1-(#DWFSS#/360))

Rotation: (#DWFSS#)

Thanks. I will give it a try this evening.

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i was struggling with this a while ago and managed this effect using

Fill ratio: (#DWFSS#/360)

Rotation: (-#DWFSS#/360)

Fill Opacity 100%

BG Opacity 0%

a variant can be seen here

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Is the rotation expression right?

I would have thought that it would return a value in the range -1…0 degrees (?)

yep, you can see in my watch face, I have added a black layer ontop of the red progress bar with transparent “ticks” in the form of circles and triangles which give the impression of appearing when second hand progresses from 0-59

here it is without the “tick” layer ontop of the progress bar

I presume this is what the OP is looking to do

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It’s a very effective and great looking effect. I like it.

I just do not understand the rotation expression. Why would you want to rotate the progress circle by an amount between 0 and 1 degree during the course of a minute? At least, that is what I think the expression is doing. Or does the rotation field for the progress circle not work the same as it does for other elements?

well… it works doesn’t it.

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Well yes but I would have thought it would still work if you set rotation to zero. So I was just wondering why you would want it to shift by such by such a small amount.

Anyway, sorry if you took my question as a criticism; it was not mean that way - I was just trying to understand if there was a good reason that I was not aware of.


Thanks a lot.
Works so far but I have to work on my design.
Yet my problem is that my dots are glowing and so they are to big to appear in full.
But my main problem was the rotation of the progress in the right direction - this is working now.
Rest is re-designing and making some small modifications.
Maybe the next days when I finished another watchface… :wink:

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You are welcome, thanks!


I think I might be able to answer that question. I’ve done a similar effect using the seconds progress under a cut out before. The way Facer works the 12 noon position will have just half of the opening filled. If you shift it 1 degree either way it will be filled completely or blank. In the latter it will fill for just a split second until the progress resets for the next minute.

When I’ve put the progress under standard tic marks it’s not an issue because the 12 noon tic mark covers the beginning of the progress.

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Cool, thanks for that!

So it works now as I want it to work… In web-editor only :frowning:
When I send it to my watch (Sony smartwatch 3) there are two possibilities:
Counterwise the dots disappear but I want them to appear. Or they appear but the progress works in the wrong direction. Only on smartwatch - in editor everything is fine… Confusing, confusing… :wink:

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That must be disappointing.

What expression did you use?

Did you click on the Reverse option?

Yes. It´s disappointing…
Inspection mode is clicked. So - If you want to have a look.

There are a number of threads on the forum that discuss that “reverse fill” does not work properly on some watch brands.

If you use my expressions without clicking on reverse fill I think they should work.

If you want the “illuminated dots” to appear at a slightly different time, just add or subtract a small offest to the rotation expression. eg. (#DWFSS#+3)

If you want the each dot to appear “instantly” use (#DWFS#+3) for rotation instead.

I used it before. :slight_smile:
Anyway: I thought I tried every possible combination of the suggestions made in this thread.
But it seems I forgot yours… Now it works.
Thanks a lot again!

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Cool, I’m glad it worked!