Issue with watch faces not showing animated backgrounds in list

When I make a watchface, if I use an animated background, it won’t show up on it’s page or on my watch face box. If I sync the face, it works fine, but otherwise, if I look at it online, or someone else does, it just shows a black background. Any fix for this?

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You can put a dummy screen at the top of your list of Layers and in the opacity put.


Here is a working example. I do not think Facer is going to fix this bug. The have an exclusive level of Ray traced 3D Animation they are promoting. So us behiners are stuck with something thst does not work very well . But we make the most of it and come up with some nice stuff.

What do you mean by a dummy screen? I tried adding a couple things and still the screen shows up blank.

Link to my watchbox:

So many are blank with just the text.

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@shatteredframes Please inspect the Face I am showing you . So you can see how it works . I have done it on all my Recent faces that have Animation that are Triggered on Wake .

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Ohhh okay, I see what you did now. Awesome, thank you very much!

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