Issues on Android Wear 6.0.0 and above

Hi all,

We are aware that some of you are having issues with watchfaces not syncing, or Facer crashing on the watch side. We’ve isolated an issue related to watches running Android Wear 6.0.0 and above where the “Storage” permission is set to off, leading to Facer not being able to sync any watchface data. We are working on an update that will resolve the issue, but in the meantime you may follow these steps to work around it:

  1. Go into your Watch settings and tap on “Permissions” (you’ll only see this option if your watch is running Android Wear 6.0.0 or above)
  2. Tap on Facer in the list of apps
  3. Make sure the “Storage” permission is set to Enabled
  4. Try and sync another watchface from your Facer mobile app

If you are still seeing issues after following these steps, please send us an email at, including the version of Facer you are running, the version of Android Wear you are running, and your watch model.

Thank you!
~The Little Labs crew

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Have NB Motor Dials Blue watch face.
Nexus 5X
Android 6
Steps do not increment
Weather temperature does not change
Double checked the permissions.
Love the watch face but falling back to an old one