Issues when pushing watch face to Tizen watch (Galaxy Gear S)

Whenever I make a change to an existing watch face and push it down to the watch it will show the loading process but still shows the old watch face. I one case it was going so far that I did not even push the watch face but changed an image (kind of background, without using the background option) after publishing and then pushed. The watch face loaded was the one with the original image and NOT with the new one.
I hope I could express my issue understandable. If not please let me know.

Hi @adyhr,

This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next version of the Facer Creator. For now, to avoid this issue you should explicitly click on the save button (floppy disk icon) before syncing your changes to your watch:

Thanks a lot for the reply. Will do what you suggest…

Sounds good! Let us know if it doesn’t work!