Issues with Samsung Watch 6 classic


I can only have 5 Facer watch faces on my Samsung watch 6 at a time. How do I get 10?

Also, I cannot find out how to delete Facer watch faces from the watch. I had it happen once but cannot repeat it.


Tap three times on your watchface like changing to a different Facer watchface. Then slide all the way to the right until you see the hashed circle with a plus (+) sign in the center. Tap that and a menu will open. On that menu find Recently used and tap it. It will show you all 10 watchfaces or 20 if you have premium or the Plus upgrades.

To delete Facer watchfaces tap three times and find the face you want to delete. Long press on that face until it starts twisting and shows a white “X” inside a red ball on the top right of the face. Click that X and it will ask you to confirm you want to delete the watchface. Click yes and it will be deleted.


Extract from the MAGic Manual . Good to see a Facer Official jumping in with Destiny an Precise Data . Wellcome @kpgipson . Follow this Guy . He represents the true Spirit of the Community .

Thanks so much.