Issues with WearOS

Does anyone know how what I’m doing wrong? My face works just fine on Tizen and it works fine on the Facer Creator designer but when I upload it to my Galaxy Watch 4 Classic It seems that a few complications such as watch and phone battery hands I have created as well as steps are not working. I have tried changing the expressions etc and nothing seems to work…?

I am experiencing issues also on the GW4. My watchface works perfectly on the GW3 as well as the designer screen but not on the GW4. Most of my issues seem to be related to complications I have coded with the Opacity feature. I’m hoping it’s a bug related to the GW4 and Wear OS and they will resolve it soon.

I think I have figured it out!! The formula I had in place for my GW3 needed a small change to work properly on my GW4.



After I changed the “1” to “true”, the formula worked properly again. Maybe something specific to the different OS?