Item enters the screen, stays for a bit, then leaves the screen

I have a new face I’m making, and a part of it is an element that enters, stays for 10 seconds, then leaves, and to repeated like 2 times more… how can I do that?

Thank you in advance…

This is the face I’m making…

With what speed does it supposed to enter/leave?
With what speed?
When (you said 2 times, so does 0 and 30 s of each minute is ok)?

Also, right to left, left to right, up down, or down up?
Or maybe on the slant?

Yay! You are a premium designer! Congratulations!

Enters from the left to the right, like 2 seconds to enter, like peeking in, stays 5 seconds, then leaves Right to left, at 2 sec speed… that to happen 5 times in a minute, so it would start at the 0 sec mark, then on 12, then 24, 36 and 48 sec mark…

I’m open for ideas that could enhance this watchface,

This is what I’m creating…

Thank you


Do you want it to happen at those specific moments (0, 12, 24, 36, 48 sec), or does ones every 12 seconds is ok?

Every 12 sec is ok, whatever you think is more convenient

Do you want it to stop dead center (160), or somewhere else?

no the actual stop is where it is right now (x is on 1, with an angle of -45), so it makes the effect of peeking in, then leaving… i actually think that the movement should be somehow fast, so maybe 2 seconds for the transition is too much… so it would be the same 12 seconds, like entering is one second, stays 5 seconds, then leaves in one second as well… then repeats is after the 12-second-time… or can you help me with the one and two second transition? thank you so much!

Angle of -45?
You haven’t mentioned any angles before.
What do you mean by that?

Nothing to worry, the element just needs to move on the x range… just that if you needed to do anything with rotation, i have the element rotated to -45, just being specific…

Ok, sorry about that.

Back to my previous question:
Where (specifically) do you want it to stop?
Also how wide will the element (in it’s used rotation) be?

The spot where it will stop is on x location =1… the angle is because the cleaned up photo wasn’t on the position I wanted for this design… the width is 650

Maybe the visual can help…

Thank you, hope I’m not getting on your nerves

Ok, I think this should be enough info.

We have an animation with those steps:
(movement only in x-axis)
-starts at x=-325 position (because the middle position of an element with a width of 650 is in the middle and we won’t it to be fully invisible)
-then in next 1 second, it moves to position x=1
-it stays there for 5 seconds
-in the next 1 second, it moves to x=645 (same: half of 650 + width of the watch screen (320))
-then for 12 seconds it won’t be visible anywhere on the screen

Exact periods (19 seconds period):
0-0.9(9) s - first movement
1-4.9(9) s - stop
5-5.9(9) s - second movement
6-18.9(9) s - not visible on screen

If everything is right, let me know.
I will cook the codes for you.

Instead of going to 650, that is going across, is to go back to -325, so it makes the animation of peeking in, stays, and then peeks out, then stays crear of the screen for 5 more seconds, to loop the animation…

So it would be

One second to enter, stays 5 seconds, then one second to leave… then 5 seconds Empty space, just background

Enters left to right, then leaves right to left…

Sorry for the misunderstanding

Following your time chart,

Exact periods (12 seconds period):
0-0.9(9) s - first movement
1-4.9(9) s - stop
5-5.9(9) s - second movement
6-11.9(9) s - not visible on screen

So you want it to move between position -325 and 1?
That’s gonna be even easier.
Give ma a sec.


This will give you seconds between 0 and 11.99(9).



This will move from 0 to 6 and then back to 0 (and so on).

and this should give you your end resoult:


If you would want to tweak the speed first change “652” (more - faster), then adjust “-325” in order for it to stop where you want it to.

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Gosh I would love to learn, I’m willing to write all these codes for us to learn! Thank you so much! It looks fantastic!