It's been a little while between faces

Finished this one a little while back and forgot to release it. A friend of mine expressed how they like space relate stuff so I made this one.


Looks pretty cool :sunglasses:

Just wished I could release it as free. But anytime I add a function, even if it’s just a hidden layer, it gets tagged as premium. I have a really cool one I am about to release that will be free. :smiley:

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Oh Same you worked hard on that Data Back . You have to remove any trace of VAR_1 if you want it to go out free . Perhaps you can use


gives 0 to 90 I think or may be 100 . Any way I can see you are quite capable of getting that working .

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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I would make the battery and date text bigger (as the steps indicator) and would give the time more contrast

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Cool design, and it’s very unique <3

The ones on the face were kind of an afterthought. The primary display is really on the hidden layer. I keep forgetting to enlarge the digits, lol.