It's time to PR0SP3R

Hello everyone,
I’m new here, but after using facer for the past few years i think it’s finally time I start creating instead of just using the pre-made faces you’ve all worked so hard to produce (thanks btw). I’ll be asking loads of questions as there are many things i want to do but simply dont know how yet, so all help will be welcome. thanks for stopping by, hope you like my designs.



This is the right place to ask. You’ll find plenty of stuff and helpful folks here. Check the Resources and faces that are open with inspection mode. Mine are here.


Welcome to the community :blush::+1:t2:


Welcome to the Community, feel free to ask whatever whenever, there’s always plenty of helpful people here, and loads to learn too…have fun :smiley:

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Welcome! The best way to learn is just start with a template in Facer Creator. Then see how that is and just add stuff and see how it works. When you need to know something, you can use the search function at the top of all the community pages and search for what you want to know. (I did that a lot in the beginning and still do at times.) Almost all of my watch faces are open for inspection so you can see how they are done. A lot of the others in here do the same, so just look for the little rocket ship icon on a face and look inside.