It's very difficult to sync to my galaxy watch from iphone!

When I try to sync the watch face to my galaxy watch, that’s very difficult!

It just can be success to sync by random , for example maybe I need to sync 10 times but just can be success 1 time, or always failed, but sometime it can success by 2 times, I tried everything (e.g. restart watch/network/bluetooth) just sometime can work and some time not working, I have no ideas :frowning:

I have using the latest Facer version in iOS, but below are my devices info:

my watch: Galaxy Watch 46mm

my phone: iPhone 8 plus

anybody can help?



Sorry about that! The iPhone tends to cut the connection to the Galaxy Watch fairly often if it’s connected via bluetooth. Two things we heard improve things:

  • Launch the Galaxy Wear app before using Facer - that will force the iPhone to reconnect to the Galaxy Watch
  • Enable wifi on your watch

Let us know if that helps!

Oh, I have tried these ways before, but still not works well, and also will says:

Error loading watchface! Please try again.

it’s really no solutions for that?:frowning:

I used the watchmaker and it use the cloud sync, I feel that’s can work very well with iphone~

I find a tip for that, if I turn-on the flight mode and turn-off, let the watch re-connect the network and bluetooth again, it will be success to sync~~

Hello, everyone.

Have the same problem. Last few weeks it is almost impossible to sync. Managed to sunc only 1 watchface.

Have tried everything:

  • All advice from “Have trouble syncing? Try these steps”
  • Turning on and off flight mode
  • Launching Samsung watch app on the phone
  • Turning on - off and back on again wi-fi
  • Turning watches, watches + phone off and on again
  • More than a hundred times clicking “Send to watch” button

Every time it says “Sent”, but nothing happens on watches.
While an interesting fact: at my profile page on PC or phone it always correctly show my current watchface - so it definitely has connection with watches.

I’m almost desperate working this application well… Weather displaying, weather updating, phone battery status, now - watchface syncing…

Watch app ver. -
Phone app ver. -
Hardware: Galaxy Watch + iPhone 6

You can try to disable the bluetooth and just use wifi in your watch, and sync the face from website with pc, I tried this almost 98% can be success!

for the weather function, you need to change you iphone language to English and sync to the watch, that will be fixed, I also hope the can solve this problem :frowning:

@winsonet, hi!

Thanks! Disabling Bluetooth and syncing from website by Wi-Fi is working!!!

Weather problem with local languages enabled is already fixed. The only trouble we still have is regular weather update through Bluetooth connection with phone. It is updating only when you enable Wi-Fi.

oh~~but I seem still can’t update the weather with local language :frowning:

Hi @winsonet! Can you let me know what version of Facer is running on your watch?

Oh, I think should be the latest version in my watch:
and in my iphone is: v5.0.0.4

by the way, can you let me know how’s the weather works? It base on the watch’s built-in weather app or the phone’s weather or it will auto sync by facer itself?

because if I don’t know that, I can’t check whether it working :frowning:


Oh~~~it seems ok now, at least it will update :grinning: