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Hi all!

Our friends at aBlogtoWatch are looking to hire a web developer! This is a great opportunity to join of the largest watch publications in the world. Please see the job post below and apply at Contact aBlogtoWatch | aBlogtoWatch

aBlogtoWatch is an internet magazine dedicated to collecting, purchasing, and appreciating timepieces, and has over 1,000,000 visits per month. It needs a fast and versatile, multi-disciplinary web developer for regular contract work mainly for its Wordpress-based website.

Projects vary from website bug fixes to implementing new features or complete redesigns. Other projects might include off-site tasks such as working with third-party services or tools which relate to aBlogtoWatch business, advertising, and operational needs. At times work will be necessary server-side (aBlogtoWatch is hosted via WP Engine), which typically involves basic maintenance, error resolution, and related hosting matters.

As a lean company we need someone who is able to quickly jump between tasks and typically work on more than one project at a time. Much of the excitement for the right candidate will be in the interesting variety of tasks, as well as the immediate outcome of successfully completed tasks, and having ownership over projects.

Specialists in large website performance, SEO, and high-profile magazine/news-style blogs will be the best fit. A rich understanding of online advertising systems, tools to enhance community and social engagement, as well as keeping abreast of the latest technologies meant to enhance online media consumption are all important plus factors when considering suitability for this role.

At first aBlogtoWatch is looking for a part-time contractor to being working on a variety of small projects with the potential of increased responsibility and integration into our team. Strong communication, organization, and personal project management skills are essential for success. More so, this is a remote position, so dedication, maturity, responsiveness, and responsibility are of paramount importance.

The majority of work will be standard front-end development, but given the range of projects that arise, as mentioned earlier there is occasional need for server-side work, mobile development, back-end development, and related tasks common to internet magazines. It helps if candidates are interested in the wrist watch subject matter of aBlogtoWatch, but more important is understanding of the needs and issues of a large content-rich website who needs to please advertisers as well as audiences (not to mention search engines) on a daily basis.

Thank you for taking the time to view this work description, aBlogtoWatch looks forward to hearing from motivated candidates as we have ongoing work for fresh talent all the time.