Jumping Hour-Hand

I’ Trying to make the Hour hand jump from Position 270° to 30° without “waiting”.
Meannig Noon / Midnidnight is at the Position where normally 09:30 would be, 12:31 is at where normallyPosition 1:30 would be.
to explain: like to do a watchface, using a Altimeter as background…


I would suggest scaling currente hour to fit in 0-240° range eg:


Then add 30°:


And in theory it should start on 30° and when it gets to 24 in the night (240°+30°=270°) it should jump to 30° again.

Check it to make sure it works.

really liked your sand watch…

If you want your hour hand to run smoothly instead of jumping from number to number, you’re going to have to use the #DWFKS# tag. The #DWFKS# tag is messed up and I don’t know why but there was probably good reason. The smooth minute and second tags #DWFMS# and #DWFSS# rotate smoothly through 0-360 with no jumps. Unfortunately, the #DWFKS# tag rotates from 30-390 (what?) and then does so at 1:00 instead of 12:00 (double what??)

So first you have to normalize the rotation back to a 360 degree scale like this: #DWFKS#%360

Next, you are jumping from the 270-degrees (9:00) to 30-degrees (1:00) and basically taking 120 degrees out of your circle. So your total sweep is only 240-degrees instead of the full circle. So just multiply your hour scale by 2/3 like this: (#DWFKS#%360)*0.66667)

Lastly you want this sweep to start at 1:00 (30-degrees), not 12:00 so just add 30.

The total formula should be this:

you can even try the literal “2/3”


Thanks a lot !!! tried it and it seem to work…
Just finished another one, since I couldn’t get this one to work…

With your help “airspeed” now soon will be out.

Thanks again

Klaus (or Huey if you like :wink:)

Finished it… Hueyklaus - Airspeed - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer :grinning:

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That’s pretty slick Huey. I like the way you setup the minute-hand - cool! :smile:

Thank you for the assist on the weird hour jump from 12 to 1. couldnt figure out what weirdness was happening with my rotation. See the fix i used here:

looks good Tr0n, nice job :slight_smile:


This just helped me out on a design. Why is DWFKS so weird?

lol don’t know. I guess you have to be in the developer’s head on that one. there must have been a reason.