Just 2 numbers for date

I have been playing with the web version of the facmaker and I just want 2 number date, I do not see that option any suggestions.


Do you mean you just want to display the day number ( 1 to 31 ) with two digits?

If so you can use the tags #Dd# or #DdL# if you want leading zeros ( as in 05 rather than just 5 ).

Is that what you were after?

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Yes, but how do I do that I am not sure of the tags feature…is that a PRO feature, so I would have to pay the monthly for that feature? AHHHHHH Just figured it out…by shear accident but i did wow cool.

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Hi, it’s not a “pro” but free function

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Thanks, I just figured it I did not know about the ROCKET icon, clicked by accedent and saw a whole new world…