Just a fun design for Halloween

I was trying different things with moving images and come up with this thought it was cool


I agree, that does look pretty cool. In Dim Mode, maybe lose the Analogue Hands, or have a central turning point cap/image added to them?

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I’ll look into doing that

I agree with you my friend … :cowboy_hat_face:

How do I edit dim mode without changing active mode

I use separate pics

I tried removing the hands from dim mode and it also removed them fr active mode …and can’t find anything that tells how to do one and not the other

You can use separate layers and show/hide them in active/dim using the little eye :eye: on the item on the left

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Looking good! may try vertical - spiders with thread moving from top to bottom… use the Y axis. Cheers. MACH-1

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That could be cool …I’ll try that on a different one

Also thanks for the help all I figured out how it all works will make edits and post it later

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