Just a fun face i was board

Opinions would be great guys


I like it. Not sure about the Smokey overlay but it works somehow.

I really like the flipping but the overlay makes it seem messy. I would darken the dial and maybe even a date display somewhere? Other than that it’s a nice “fun” watchface.

I like it too. I agree with @ircrotale that the drifting overlay is one small step over the line. It distracts a little from the automotive/steampunk aesthetic.

Have you considered what it might look like if the seconds were on a white background, perhaps with red digits? That would give it a real “odometer” look, if that’s what you were going for.

Now, dammit, I’ve got to go learn how to do animation like this. The rotating dials kill me.

Nice job.

Thanks for all your input i did not like it myself so re designed from scratch see what you think

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That new one is snazzy as all get out. I like it!!