Just a little anim for fun

I really would like some feedback on this before i try making a face with it.


That’s a great animation, it would be a great face as long as you don’t cover to much with the time. :grinning:

Nicely made effects!

Really great character to the undersea effect. I’m assuming you did it all by animating individual elements which is really amazing. Very fluid. I agree it would be a shame to mess it up with too much clock info on top. Maybe a porthole theme for the watch face with a tap action to bring up this unobstructed view?

Yes everything is independently programmed with no gifs or anims used each item animates by maths alone there is a subtle amount of randomness to all of the moving items that should make it more interesting to watch. I am in the progress of creating a face round it hopefully get something up here in the next few days.

Wow, this is a very interesting job, although it is certainly for understanding people.

Made a few changes tell me what you think please


It seems to me that a white or blue translucent color is more suitable for time. And all this can be put on top.

Pretty smooth animation. The fish could be a little brighter…but, that’s just my view. Great work!

Almost perfect! I like the layout of how you introduced the time, I wouldn’t change a thing about that. Personally, I don’t like the font, and I might be inclined myself to make the overlay more of a glass effect rather than the yellow border. but you’ll never please everybody. The animation is mesmerizing though! Is each school of fish a ton of layers or did you devise a way to group them?

I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m totally gobsmacked with the animation and blending of the digital face with analog seconds.

thank you all i have published this now and i will give a full breakdown next week so you can all see how this was done

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Thanks next week i will show how this was done and it might explain why the fish had to be that shade but your welcome to prove me wrong lol

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