Just Another Analog Watch Face For WearOS / Tizen

MAG 1694


The gold on black absolutely rocks. Nailed the colour selection there. That, the minimal background shading, number/tick highlighting…

Everything is puppies and rainbows with this face… except, I am not entirely sure about the redder triangle on the second hand.
I think, if an additional accented shape is needed then a hollow, same colour, obtuse towards center, accute to outer diamond shape would suit better.

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I’m dealing with a premade set of hands for this one. I’m honestly not happy with the look of the seconds myself. I just haven’t tried to change it with Paint dot net yet. Maybe I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

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The new look with the no frills hand works well. Further frills should be minimal to that. I’m personaly not a fan of hand backwards extensions on dails but it seems to work here. I think it only works on second hands anyway.

In any case, you have set the analogue, non partner, bar high with this face.
I would also keep the 12 and major ticks in DIM mode for symetry for the hands,

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I just noticed last night when I was checking my faces on my tablet that the background and “12” wasn’t enabled for AOD. I’m going to fix that this morning.