Just Experimenting

Hi all,

I figured with as much time as I have been away, I need to experiment with some radical ideas. Here it goes with a bit of an esoteric design. The minutes always start with the nearest clock position, such as the one o’clock for five after the hour. The smaller succeeding dots indicate the number of minutes after the clock position indicator. For example, 14 minutes after the hour would be the two o’clock indicator lit with the next four smaller dots after it, and so forth. The hour indicator is the larger ring and it will always land on the appropriate hour.

Let me know, if you will, how this is working. I am still experimenting with displaying other attributes such as battery and date. I don’t want to crowd this design but I am unsure if it will generate any interest with just a time display.



it’s a nice idea, pretty readable if you get used to it too


Agree. Easy enough. Real easy to me.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback. Good to know. I am still working on various elemental styles.