Just for fun - Aunt Ju-52

Just played around with animations and Parallax scrolling.

I hope you enjoy this Freebie.


Very nice, it looks great!

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Thank you very much, @mikeoday !

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Wow, there’s a red flashing light and a German flag :slightly_smiling_face:

For sure it is. Unfortunately this plane doesn´t fly anymore in germany since last year. I saw it often flying above our house the last 5 years but now it´s resting in a museum.

I also like old things that go away or disappear in modern times, except for us, no one can save them.

So true. A friend of mine made a trip with the Aunt Ju several years ago. It was a dream of him and he was totally flashed afterwards.

My only flight with an older prop plane was some years ago in the orinoco delta. At first i was a little bit nervous when i saw the plane but it was flying great and very stable.

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Nice! I like the speeds you chose for the various animations, just the right pace to everything.

Thanks. The animation timing was the hardest part - with a lot of testing values. :wink: