Just Launched! Send to my Watch

#Just Launched! Send to my Watch
Are you sitting down? You should sit down.

Few human advancements have been more significant than what we present to you today:
Send to my Watch

Using the extreme power of the darkest magic of the ancients, you can now set your smartwatch watchface directly from any watch on the Facer site*!

*(Ok ok, any watch that is free or you already bought before)

Yep, that includes a watch you are currently working on in the editor.

Seeing is believing.

Watch how magical this is (I hope you sat down):

Try it out!

Just log in to your Facer account on facer.io, and look for these buttons to try it out:

Is this only available to the designer of the watchface? Or is it available to others whom we share the watchface with without it being published first?

This is available to any users, including users you share the watch face with. Please keep in mind that they’ll need to be logged in to Facer on their phone using the same account they are using on the web for them to receive the watch face.

Hope it helps!

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pleases can you be more informative, How to connected the watch to the computer in order to see the Sync it button. because is not show up in my computer. thans

No need to connect your watch to the computer - as long as you are logged into your account on Facer.io, and logged into the same account on your Phone, syncing should work!

dated today 13/02/18.still does not support send to watch from website facer to watch if using ios 11. though i dont know about android users