Just some questions from someone just starting out

putting this here as I finish this post as a disclaimer, this is my first post on a forum thats formatted like this, so sorry if there was a better place to put this.

1.) Is there some way to set watch face designs to be private? It would be nice if I could make a watch face using personal photos that I’d rather not be public, sort of like a family photo scrapbook as a watch face.

2.) related to the last question, is there a way to have multiple pictures randomly appear one after the other? Or the background to change each time you check the watch.

3.) What will happen to watch faces made with Facer Creator Pro if you cancel your subscription? Do they become unusable or restricted?


Welcome @roninrobot . You asked a few questions . If you do not publish a Face it is not Public . Send it to your watch from creator and it is all yours .

Slide show is possibe . You have to decide how you want it to run and how many Images . Three basic options . Straight run through . Random picture on wake . Sort of Random run through .
Prepare your images no larger than 640x 640 and restrict yourself to 24 max images . Let us know how you want it to run and we can help make the first one .
When you have mastered one we cam work on another .

When you unsubscribe from PRO you can still sync your own Faces .But can not publish them .
If you have prepared some templates with interactive on them and Duplicated them you can make new ones for yourself .


Welcome to this forum!
@russellcresser has said it all.

Here a sample of mine to give you an idea. TX-SP04 Airlock