Just Thought I'd Throw A New One In The Pot


I like the overall design, but what are the yellow numbers scrolling? They are moving so fast its hard for me to catch them all. Besides that its a cool looking face for sure.

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Hello, very nice design,
and I also find it a very nice idea how you use the animation. I can’t quite agree with andrewmccarthy069, because for me the yellow numbers rotating very quickly every second are simply a design element, which I understand as follows: with every second rotation, one (two) digits “sticks” to the right position and thus form the correct value. I like it the way it is. But, if you allow me a remark: I would have a little problem with the design of the clock ring. The light-dark border simulates optically a mirrored horizon, and for my senses there is just something wrong, because this horizon is “slanted”. Please, experiment with typical design elements, how a mirroring horizon can be represented. In my eyes primarily horizontal (although there may be movement there). Please just google more about how to represent such a horizon. Of course it is obsolutely OK if you want to keep exactly this horizon. :slight_smile:
One more small thing: for me the machine block in the center is rather a foreign body at the moment. Please try some alternative possibilities:

  • For example, make the block a little bigger, so that it fills the core.
  • Or change the orange color more to yellow, so that it matches the basic design.
  • Or: try to use the lower right gear as an animative “drive”, which for example drives - rotates - the background of the “clock hand ring” (or a newly installed element in circular form). These are just some minor ideas. In any case, you already have a very nice design. Many greetings
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Thank you very much Andrew and Ralph, I will take your comments onboard for next time (this one I’m leaving as is, as it all works rather well on my Watch :grin:
Your ideas and opinions are always appreciated thanks guys, and as Ralph said, the Yellow Numbers are just rotating once every second and they hit the actual Seconds to adjust them correctly :wink: