Kirby Pop Star theme

This is my first attempt at a face. Please any advice would be appreciated. The blue star is the minute hand and the pink star is the hour hand. Kirby goes around by the second.


Greetings PONCHO, welcome.

Sometimes a pictorial suggestion as it might be a little easier to read.
I took other tick marks and put the big star over it, so it gets more dynamic.
I have also adjusted the hours and minutes stars for better recognition.
Hope it helps you a bit.

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I still have an idea for the tick marks and design it so that the big star of your main picture remains free.

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Great Start to your new obsession. I see you have lots of Help already from @upgrade-gd. As he has advised some of us have tiny watches and tired eyes. Find a way to make the complications readable. But nice work.

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Updated a few things and moved some stuff around, thanks for the advice!

Looks much better now for my taste…keep it up.
Only the date is not completely displayed.

That’s a fun looking watch face!

John Kirby would approve!

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Yeah I liked the suggestions, I noticed the date thing afterwards and extended that so it should be good now! Thanks!

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