Kirk from Austin Tx

I don’t usually wear a wristwatch but when the original Moto 360 came out, I was already a Motorola phone user, so I decided to give it a try. I ended up returning it because I just didn’t see myself really using all of the features enough. A few years later, I bought the original Huawei watch, used it for awhile but still didn’t really find it that useful. I let a friend borrow it to see if he thought that a smart watch might be for him but he didn’t really use it that much either, so in the box it went.

After reading about the updates to Wear OS, I decided to give it a go again and have finally been enjoying it enough to get me to wear it almost daily, when I am not wearing a normal watch. Using Facer has been a lot of fun and I may even try my hand at making my own watch face. I am looking forward to checking out the new Moto 360 watch as well as what will come with the new Snapdragon 3300.

Welcome and Enjoy!