Known bugs for functionality that works in Creator but not on watch?

Are there a know list of bugs for functionality that works in Creator, but will not work on a watch? Does it vary by watch?

Using Android Wear (now called Wear OS) on a Huawei Watch 2 Sport.

I have developed a watch with a minute indicator that is a circle around the edge of the watch. It is drawn out during even minutes then undrawn during odd minutes, for a chaser effect.

This functionality was much more difficult to develop than I thought due to the prohibition against nesting conditional expressions and what looks like a bug to me for a conditional with a complex but legal boolean.

Anyway, I found some workarounds to get everything to work in Creator on the web. But when I download it to the watch, my even-minute logic doesn’t work the same way.

Hello @facer12, I do not know about such a list. However for a “full circle” I prepared a tutorial some weeks ago with another algorithm which is working, so far I know, on every watch face.

Thanks for that! How did you do the animation shown under “Basic Principles”?

I used that same idea on mine although the implementation is probably a little different. I’ll dive farther down into yours to see if I can figure out why yours works but mine doesn’t.

BTW as you can see, my watch design is published as 6StringJazzer with my avatar, but on this message board I’m coming up as facer12 (a name chosen for me apparently). How do I post using my chosen identity?

Hello @facer12,

the semi-animation was prepared in the powerpoint picture be picture. Well, it will be interesting for all creators, when you figure out the difference why your animation is not working on the watch. According to your nick, please try to check it in your “community settings”.

I have tweaked the design so it now works on my watch. Originally I tried to do it with two red half-circles and a black half-circle. Now I have created two separate sets, once for even minutes (red circle is revealed) and one for odd (red circle is hidden). I revisited all the formulas and tweaked how parentheses are used. The parser on the watch platform seems to treat parentheses a little different than the parser in the Creator platform. I finally got everything to work.

I also set up several debugging text fields to show transparency and rotation of the rotating components so I could see the actual numerical values on the watch as I was testing. Very helpful.

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