[KNOWN ISSUE] Sporadic Facer freeze on Samsung smartwatches (Tizen based only)

Personally I have tried with basic clock faces and after a couple of hours they freeze, even validating that this is a sync issue I was using the aod to ensure some kind of connection, but after a while the screen turns off and stops working the aod despite being active.

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@oz_ezz Thanks for this info, could you link to an example of one of these simple faces?

@mrantisocialguy Could you send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com and share the ticket number you receive here? We’d like to follow up more in-depth about what you’re seeing.

Ticket #63484 And this is the watch face: KB9TMP - Private 9 - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer

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I did not have this issue on my galaxy active before when I had a moto phone but now that I switched to the s7 edge I just had the issue. :frowning:

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Hi @darcystabler,

Can you send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com? The fact that you saw the issue starting to happen after you switched phone is very interesting to us and might help identify the root cause. Once you get a ticket ID for your support request, please share it here so it can be escalated internally.

Hi all,

If you are still seeing the issue, can you let us know:

  • What type of phone you are using with your watch?
  • Do you use the SHealth features on your phone and watch?

Also, please make sure to send us an email at facer-support@little-labs.com if you’re still having this issue today. This is the best way for us to investigate this and keep you updated.

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Hi all,

We are getting reports that the Tizen firmware v5.5.0.2 is significantly improving the lag/freeze issues reported by some of you, at least on Samsung Active 2. That firmware has started deploying around January 14th 2021 for some devices and appears to be rolling to more devices in the past couple of days.

If you did get Tizen, could you let us know if it fixed the issue for you?

Since my watch has updated to Tizen instead of it trying to freeze when it starts getting sluggish I will look to see what time it is and the watch is restarting instead of displaying time.

I have v5.5.0.2 and still have all the same problems as before. I sent an email describing the problems to the address listed earlier in this thread.

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I have upgraded to the latest Tizen 5.5.02 One UI v 2.0 for the active 2 and everything is back to normal, no lag and works correctly. For a better experience, you will have to reinstall Facer companion from the smartwatch. Greetings.

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled both facer and the companion app since updating to Tizen v5.5.0.2 and am still having the same problems.

Got a new software update on my Galaxy Watch Active 2 a few hours ago. Facer performance is very good since then. I’ll update my post with more observations after a while.

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Hi @FourTonMantis! Thanks! Can you share the version number for this new firmware you got?

I’m sad to share that I was too excited and completely wrong. I woke up today to black and completely unresponsive watch face (only the orange notification dot was visible). I needed to change to other watch face (from the Galaxy Store, not from Facer) in order to take control of my watch again. It was quite hard to do so as the watch was very laggy. After I changed the watch face everything started running smoothly.

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That’s exactly how my Active 2 does. I make it a point to always switch to a Galaxy face for over night. If I check the time during the day and it seems like it takes a little too long to display the face or if the notification dot shows before the face does I do the same. I would love to buy a new Galaxy 3 watch, but I’m not going to until @Facer_Official gets this issue fixed. On the other hand I’m hearing a rumor that Samsung may release a new watch using WearOS instead of Tizen. That might be interesting.

I have the Samsung Galaxy 46" and I absolutely love it :grinning:
Never had any problems with it whatsoever and I’m loving making Faces for it on here.

I seriously think that they have given up on this app. I’ve had this issue for several months and there’s been no resolution and no movement towards it. We’ve all submitted our logs but nothing has changed. I just think they’ve given up on the app or at least its association with Samsung Galaxy watches.

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rubinsman, I’m sorry you’re experiencing those problems, everything seems to work ok for me on my standard account here, and I own a Samsung Galaxy Watch.

I have a question for you. Is your Galaxy watch the new Galaxy 3 or the original Galaxy from 2018? I have the Galaxy S3 Frontier and it still works perfect with Facer. It’s only the Active 2 that I own that has all the problems.

It’s a Galaxy Watch (BB43), Tizen Version, Software R805FXXU1FSL3, Knox 2.4.0, Knox Tizen Wearable SDK 2.4.0, S.E. For Tizen 2.0.0, TIMA 3.0.0, and I purchased it in October 2020. Beyond that I’ve no idea sorry, except that it’s the LTE Model.