[KNOWN ISSUE] Sporadic Facer freeze on Samsung smartwatches (Tizen based only)

Not really. There is a cut off line in the main software. The original Galaxy watch and the Galaxy S3 Frontier use the same basic software builds. The Active, Active 2 and Galaxy watch 3 uses a different software build that seems effected by the Facer Freeze Bug.

I got the original… and I love it :grin:

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Well mine is galaxy watch… First version no the 3 neither active versions… I actually had the same issue in 42’ version and changed to 46’ version hoping to get it fixed… But same thing

Sorry you guys seem to be experiencing problems, Samsung have always made top quality screens, I know that at least

I have updated everything but I’m still getting the same problems that other people do. I get the lag where the screen has to catch up. I also get the little yellow dot. but a black screen. I have to play around with it a little bit then I can usually get it back. The stock watch faces work perfectly. It’s definitely Facer.

Unfortunately it seems like there’s no any development in this issue for months, so I gave up on using Facer on my watch. I’ll sure be back when it’s fixed but for now this is the end of my attempts.


I opened another topic for this I was told this is the main thread.

I also have a Galaxy Watch3 on Tizen and Facer is causing a huge lag after a day or so. But if I use the Samsung watch faces it is fine.

Does Facer people need more logs?


Just sent a log this morning when the watch was lagging to the point I almost couldn’t use it. Hope it helps

Hey thanks for talking about this…my galaxy watch updated to Tizen Vers about 2 days ago…after about 6 hours, my Facer watch face no longer responds to any wrist movement or dial touch. I need to re-boot for it to start working again, then the process starts over again. Very frustrating, but works fine with Samsung’s own faces.

Same here. My original Galaxy Watch (SM-R810) had no issues until a software update this week.
Now running One UI ver. 2.0 and Tizen ver.
As feared, this brought the long reported freezing issue to the Galaxy Watch :frowning:

I have now enabled Debug Mode on my watch; will do a dump with the next freeze.
I hope @Facer_Official will be able to fix this soon; can’t use Facer like this…

RM800 Samsung S9, I quit using facer for this very issue. I miss the face I used but it made my watch unusable. I would have to reboot my watch. I hope this gets fixed soon. Oh well. All the review websites about watch faces did warn that facer was buggy on galaxy watches

Same here. Galaxy Watch SM-R800. Also no issues until Tizen came out this week. Now it’s terrible. I’ve done a dump already. Expect an email @Facer_Official.

I wonder if I restore a backup, will my watch go back to the previous firmware?

No, unfortunately it won’t.

Well, the latest firmware from Samsung have pretty much taken care of the issue. (Tizen on Watch 3)

I got it on 3/20/2021. I have been using the new firmware and it hasn’t lag the watch to unusable.
The face still a little jumpy, but at least the rest of the watch is usable. I think Facer might need to do some optimization and it should be good.

Has anyone heard anything from Facer about this? The lag had made my watch unusable with Facer. I have to use Samsung faces now

@rubinsman , I sent my log dump to @Facer_Official, but didn’t hear anything. I’ve been checking for Tizen per @e430benz98 's note above, but Samsung doesn’t seem to be pushing it to Canada. They just pushed out which wrecked things even though has been out a while. Not sure why Samsung would do that they’d do that… Hoping @Facer_Official can come up with a fix… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Ver. is not available in South Africa either, at least not for the original Galaxy Watch :frowning:

Log dump sent to @Facer_Official via email as requested following the latest freeze experienced.

I’m in the U.S.A. and I have on my original Galaxy Watch and just checked for updated software. is not available to me here either. I had on my Galaxy Active 2 and it DID NOT fix the issue with Facer. My son-in-law was looking to buy a cheap smart watch so I sold him my Active 2.

Hi all,

Thanks a lot for the reports, and sorry this is taking so long to fix. To give you a bit of news, this issue has been narrowed down to a GPU memory leak introduced in recent Tizen firmwares. The memory leak is triggered every time you wake the watch face, and eventually consumes all your watch’s memory. Once that happens, the watch may become very unstable, the time not refreshing, etc.

We notified Samsung of the issue and their engineering team is looking into it.
Based on some of your reports, it appears Tizen may be alleviating the issue or fixing it for some of you, but we haven’t been able to confirm that on our side (our watches haven’t updated to that version yet).

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have more news! Thanks for your patience!


I have this exact same issue, which started after the latest watch update - so annoying! I paid for the premium service so fingers crossed there is a fix soon!