Kospet Prime Universal Launcher WearOS watch faces support and how facer app works

Hello, First of all, thanks for letting me join your community.

I would like to know if these https://www.facer.io/top-charts/free-watchfaces watchfaces and others in this web are compatibles with Kospet Prime smartwatch and where I can find more free watch faces in this website.

I also would like to know how would you do to manage like 1100 watchfaces I already have with the free and new ones from facer because if I didn’t read it wrong, I need to select facer watch face and from there, watch face in smartwatch will be the one I configure from the web or app. Which’s the problem? Find facer watch face between more than 1000 watch faces because I will have to browse between more than 1000 watch faces to find it. Is there any other alternative? Should I only have facer watch face and upload the others watch faces I have to facer.io website? Can I upload other watch faces to facer and from there manage them all with facer watch face?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I looked up the Kospet Prime watch faces and it would appear that they run directly on Android and do not use/require Wear OS. Facer is compatible with WearOS but I don’t know if it will work without it. Someone else who knows more than me will hopefully chime in with a better answer but in the meantime all I can suggest is trying to load Facer on your on your phone and watch and see if it works.

@mikeoday Thanks for your help Mike, I really appreciate it!!

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Hello. I have installed Universal Launcher in my smartwatch that would make compatible WearOS watch faces in my smartwatch.

My question is, how facer works? Should I install in my phone or in my smartwatch? In case to install in my phone, how do I transfer watch faces? Will it appear in watch faces smartwatch menu once I have transfered?

Thanks in advance.

You will need to download and install Facer on you phone and also the Facer Companion App on your watch. Facer will then show up as a face in your Gear App. When you choose this “face” the selected Facer face should show up on you watch. Your existing face collection is entirely separate and you cannot transfer faces into or out of Facer - you can however choose from the many thousands of existing Facer faces or build your own.

This link might help: Getting Started – How can we help?

@mikeoday Thanks a lot for your help!!

I have a problem and it’s that I have more than 600 watch faces installed so I guess facer companion will appear as one more face so find it won’t be easy.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your time and help and sorry for taking part of your time!! I appreciate it!!

Have a nice day

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I don’t know how it works with a non-Samsung watch/phone but on my Samsung, Facer stays pretty close to the top of the list ( although that could be just because I am using it all the time and maybe the list is sorted by “recently used” ).

Thanks, I will try, other thing I could do is rename all my watch faces .watch files and .zip files to zz_whatever, in that way should be ordered alphabetically the lasts ones and facer should appear the first ones, thanks a lot for the idea, I will give a try!!

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