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Kuddos to Russell

Hey everyone, some of you know me by now,
Irritating newbie with to many questions I’m sure

I was told by @russellcresser that I did not need to do this but, he has been so helpful and patient with me that he deserves much Kuddos by yours truly.

I’ve asked many of the guys that have the paid version of the creator software for help most of which say the sake things, either no, or, it’s not possible.

@russellcresser said let me look into it.

If you’ve paid attention over the last few days you’ve seen him post some WIP projects.

Not only did he get the things I wanted working but went a step or 50 beyond and added extras that he thought i.might like, I loved them.

Not only did he do it but with the free version which says alot

You are a man among men my friend

Anybody in the UK, buy this gentleman and drink


Thank for you kind words. I think you will find generally that Partners will not do requests. They are on thier own programs of work. We Amaters can pick Requests up as we have a bit more Time on our Hands.
To be Fair I hit the ground running with this one having been given a pic of a Face you like.
I was a pleasure to do. You did not Pester me at all. The Series is popular which is always nice.
Thanks again.




Russell is a genuine, helpful and intelligent person. We are all very very fortunate to have him in our community! I don’t know how he makes the time to help so many.


You are Very Kind . It is about paying back for the Help I got in my Early Days .


BTW . I was not looking for more credit than I deserve . I forgot that adding to this would bring it to the top again . I was just trying to get a link to the work we did . I had taken down the Watch that Tom Posted the link for . It got Superseded by a Later version and I deleted it .

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Always the gentlman Sir

Expected or not Kuddos are well deserved.

Not just for the work on this face but the time, energy, and dedication to this site you give freely.