Ladies: Fall Cleaning Time

During the time that I’ve been at Facer, I’ve had some wonderful comments from my Followers and friends. I thank each and every one of you for that.
Soon it will be time for me to remove outdated work and update Fall designs - “Fall Cleaning” time, if you will.

Except for holidays that everyone enjoys, my designs are mainly for women, and often have a vintage touch.
Therefore, I am curious what themes and features you ladies would like to see.
What type of information do you rely on your watches for?
Do you prefer Google images (copy/paste from online images) or original work? Or doesn’t it matter?

I favour aesthetic over complications. As long as my watch tells the time and my phone makes calls, I’m happy :smiley: Having things like battery, date and weather are nice additions though. The unfortunate truth is that the end user is interested in the outcome more than the process. A great watch that took 5 minutes to make is just as appealing as a great watch that took 10 hours to make. I think you have more capacity to make great things with original work (more flexibility), but royalty free images can do the job as well :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input. In my experience it does seem to be that the ladies prefer aesthetics over complications and a lot of information.
However, I’m open to suggestions from the others here as well. I just want to make sure that I use my time wisely.
Licensing and “royalty free images” that you mentioned are a topic for another day. I’d prefer to get permission from an artist or brand directly if possible, rather than buying licenses.

Looking forward to hearing from the other ladies here…

I simply will never ever try to build watch faces for women. :slight_smile:

Men and women seem, imhO, to have a totally different view on the conditions and purpose of a watch face.

Men like to play, we want it technical, with lots of possibilities in complications. We want to have a more adventurous or action look, something that has to do with cars, planes, ships, spacecrafts, weapons… We like animations, light effects, stunning new things…

Women are totally different. They only like or dislike the aestethics dependeng on their very special tastes. Often, they only seem to like it when it´s cute. When i show my watch faces to my wife, she only likes the ones with cute fishes, turtles, cartoons and/or unicorns.

I don´t judge this differences, let´s just state we come from different planets. Men from Mars (god of war), women from Venus (goddess of Love).


Greetings, Phantasico (Men-Understander)


Thank you for your opinion. Hmmmmm…Fortunately/Unfortunately, I agree with you 100%.
At this point there aren’t many “cuteness-loving-hands” designs in my collections - except for maybe a few Easter Bunnies. I’ll consider adding more cuteness. :grimacing:


Yes! I love your new bear cartoon face

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Thank you, primapple.