Laggy performance on Galaxy Watch 4 Classic


I’ve had a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (SM-R880) for quite a while and wanted to give Facer a try.

I’m facing an issue with this app where performance is generally pretty atrocious.

Some watch faces I tried on Facer ran at 1-5 FPS at most, sometimes lower than that (the seconds clock ticked every 2 seconds!) so it felt terribly sluggish, and after a reboot the watch faces took absolutely forever to start displaying.
The simpler faces I tried ran okay-ish, but had a tendency of skipping frames pretty often, so it didn’t feel very fluid.
I still have ~400MB of RAM available with Facer open, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

The system feels pretty responsive and fluid outside of Facer (and when I use native non-Facer watchfaces), so I think there has to be an issue with Facer specifically, and I didn’t find anyone talking about it on the forums.

Does anyone experience that? Is it supposed to run like that?

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Oi, meu amigo tenho o mesmo relógio e ele funciona perfeitamente!
Galaxy Watch Classic 4, 47mm LTE e, ele funciona perfeitamente.

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@russellcresser has the same watch you have, and he has never mentioned having laggy performance like you are describing. I used to have the GW4 Classic and never experienced it either. Now I have the GW5 Pro and the GW6 Classic and they are fine on Facer also. You might want to find the instructions online for clearing the cache on your watch, that might help by getting rid of old data that your watch no longer is actively using.


Sorry BSoD,
I had never this problems with my GW4 Classic


I’ve had my Silver Galaxy Watch 4 Classic fo some time now and never had any issues with it all, it’s an absolutely brilliant Watch :grin: