Lags in my new Design

Hi there, I have created a simple watch design (my first!) and when I put the design to my samsung galaxy watch it is lagging.

I have a circle that travels around.

Xpos = (160+160*sin(#DWFSS#0.0174))
Ypos = (160-160
Radius = 8

If I watch this on my watch everything seems to be smooth and fine. However the circle jumps from one position to another from time to time.

What am I doing wrong?

sorry i would need to see the inspection mode to see if a coding error is in it

My Frontier does the same thing once in a while. I find that setting my screen cutoff limit to 30 vs 15 seconds aids in allowing a more consistent loading of animations.

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it is here :

what I noticed on my galaxy watch is that sometimes the time doesn`t update as soon as the screen is turned on, and maybe your seeing this ?
Actually once I was late because I checked the time and it was saying it was an hour earlier :disappointed:

No it does that every few seconds.

As an experiment, try loading the graphic as a second hand with the tag of DWFSS. Should be the same sweep time as what you have now. Not sure about the number of “stops”. Need to check my maths.

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