Large date view

I am looking for ideas to download or create an Analog face with an larger date view, so i can read the date without my reading classes,
The analog face can have an digital date showing, or having an background that shows the date.

I can make you anything you want is their any particular design you would like

This is just a 2 min mock up but you name it i can create it for you


It was not clear from your post if you are also looking for already available faces. Just in case, there are a number of designers who have large date faces. Just a few below…

The last one is one of mine that I designed so that I could read the date without my glasses :slight_smile:


i have some ideas, but hard to explain, i can better make some hand drawings.

The first one is downloaded from the internet, but even this date is hard to read without my classes.


The second one is also an option i have bought this in the play store, but file is corrupted and not working

I dont need to have steps ,health and other items on my face, if i want to see that i can navigate to it on my watch.

A date over the entire face, and on top of that the hours, minutes and second hands could also be nice (and simple)

Last is the Tissot watch that i like, only is this wacht showing the (digital) time in the bottom of the face,
if there would be the date (could be a little larger) that would be super!

Thanks for the links,
However I think my eyes are worse than yours, as these dates are to small for me, as i resize them with my mouse at the realistic size of my watch , it is still hard to read.

  • i find them showing to much info that i dont need,
    But thanks again.for all your help.
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Forgot to mention, My watch is the Samsung 46mm watch

Would something like this be any good if i tidy up the edges a bit

Or This

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First i need to thank you for your help,
The top one looks good, but the gold ring with the 15,30, and 45 hour is taking a lot of space,
would it be possible to copy the face of the Tissot a bit more?

I like the space it shows & the open arrows at the 12/14/16 hour.
The date can show only the day and month, the year is not important

This is probably as close to that watch as i would like to get before possible copyright problems

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Is this date large enough? :wink:


This is great,

Especially if the background colors were in lighter and darker grey,

Because i find al those colors making is look as a toy.
I am in Europe, so we use Celsius.

Is this face edible, so i can try some different settings?

How’s this?

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I am from europe, too… :wink:

I will think about a b/w version…

When you load the watchface it will be Celsius for you.

is this watch face edible? like color settings and place of date?

One questions about the hands,
they look like glowing, can they be set to normal looking (open ) hands

they can be any hands you want

Can someone explain:
Would it be possible for me to copy the above samples to my facer designer, so i can experiment with all of them until i have the face i like most?

Everybody is vary helpful, but i need to learn myself, so by experimenting with some of your ideas, i can learn how theys designs have been made, so i can start one of my own by scratch…


It is good that you want to learn. This community is very helpful when you have questions.

You would need permission from the designers of the work that you want to copy.
In the meantime, the information here may be helpful:

Well, i am not sure it will work this way, @Linlay.

Even if i would give my permission to copy my watch face and let him edit it i don‘t know any way of doing so…

Can you explain, please?

Greetings, GAUSS.

I was referring to design rather than the mechanics of Creator.