Latest fun watch face highly usable

Hi everyone this design took me a while i wanted it to work so i could check my stats easy so if you press the centre you will see a nice clear stats screen let me know your opinions please


Nice animation!!

That is really wonderful - I like everything, especially the animation.

Just a minor observation … the alignment of the day circle is not exactly centred. Was that intentional?

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lol well spotted all the other days work except thursday and friday i will re draw the wheel before i release it thanks for spotting it i had not even checked that yet. ok Should be fixed now actually was maths problem seems i got confused and had extra .5deg on rotation lol note to self right down when changing from 52deg to 51.5deg it helps lol

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Holy carp, that is just awesome.

Love the style!

Very Nice animation.

i love the animations !

Beautiful animation.