Latest software update Gear S3 , today updated Nov 27th

I am unable to access the faces purchased after updating to the latest Gear S3 software. Is there someone who did the same thing and experiencing the same problem?

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same problem

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Hi, I had same problem. Solution is uninstall facer app from gear S3 and open galaxy app in watch. Find watch faces apps and scroll to find facer app and install. Reconnect watch and connect to the facer app to watch. New widget should work fine.

Yes they are notified and its a work in progress I am having the same issue. @prateekahujas that has no effect.

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@patrickbenik & @yekyekflores please let me know if the steps outlined by @prateekahujas (uninstall and reinstall) resolves the issue for you. Many users have had success with this (though for some, including @k.b.echevarria, this has not helped, so we’re continuing our work on that) . If it doesn’t work, please let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

Faces stop syncing at 75% is solved.
But when loading Facer, the screen will turn black, then switch to a default watch face.

Hi, i have the same problem. Deinstall and install facer on the gear s3 will work once to change the watchface, then stops.

Hi , I have the Samsung S3 Frontier and the S Note 8 and Facer and Facer companion all with the latest builds. I have unistalled and reinstalled the Facer applications. I loose my watch face and it has to be reloaded and then loose it again. The Facer app wants me to turn on my Location. I click Skip and it boots me out. I do not turn on my location regularly. The Facer program tells me it is for the Weather program. I am not interested in the weather. I turned on location and my watch face stayed on. I manually keyed in my location but the program does not like that and it will not keep my watch face. There must be a relationship between location and the program that is causing the issue. I prefer not to turn on my location. Does anyone have a solution?

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I am having this problem on a s2

Install the last samsung Gear update (january version) that wil resolve probably your problem.
Yesterday installed and now for 1 day no relapses to standard faces. What normally happened after 10 minutes.
Battery use also drastically reduces, furthermore the battery indicator of the phone is now displayed

I Hope that the update resolve your problem

Hi i have a gearsport and all watchfaces downloaded from facer keep revert back to the gear factory watchface style after few minutes
Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any solutions?

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I’m having the same problem but it started only recently after the 2 or 3 of Facer phone app updates. I read somewhere suggesting to reset watch after you have updated it to Tizen to fix issues with apps like Facer but that hasn’t worked for me either. It was a long shot but I wanted to try everything to get the app stable on the watch.

I love this app and I love the all the choices of watch faces that are available I really hope the amazing facer team will be able to fix it.

I’m having the same problem on gear 3 with S7. Watch face loads and can stay for 1 hour then drops off again.
I have reinstalled everything and even master reset on the watch but still the same problem.

Hopefully thjs can be res5as i love the app.