Latest update broken app on WearOS? v5.1.46_102354

My watch updated the facer companion app last Friday (24th) and since then I have noticed my watch will randomly switch to the active face, then freeze the display as it “thinks” it is going back to AOD/ambient mode - and it stays like that, just the frozen active (but dimmed down) display until I press a button on the watch. This is only since the latest companion update. Current watch is wearOS (Tag Heuer Connected 2020)
I dont have gestures on, never have - no settings have changed on the watch - I have always had to press a button to see the active screen, but appears broken now?
I have switched back to the watch default faces provided by Tag and they work fine. I uninstalled the facer app, reinstalled and got the same issue? Reset watch etc etc, same thing, I can only presume the latest ver is somehow broken???

ver 5.1.46_102354 update 23/07

I’ve attached a short vid to show the issue…

(shot in the office this morning when this happened again)

in this case you can see, I just take a look at the watch and it is stuck in this dimmed down version of the active display for no known reason. The second hand is not moving and It should be in AOD ambient mode anyway!

  1. I tilt the watch to sleep, it stays on the active display but move on a few seconds, but still no actual movement as it is frozen…
  2. I then press the button to wake the watch, works as intended, brightness up and seconds progress as normal…
  3. I then tilt it to proper ambient AOD mode where the second hand becomes battery voltage.

It has only done this since the companion app update randomly freezing the Active screen when it should be on AOD mode…

Any change the facer team can atleast respond???

The Facer support team doesn’t read all the posts here. But you just have to mention in the text of @Facer_Official

I actually noticed this too since the last update, wasn’t sure if it was the Facer app or a Wear OS problem.