Layers not ordering correctly

It doesn’t matter what I do with the layers, the watch hands are always below the rest of the layers. All the numbers, weather, date, HR - all appear over the watch hands. Any fixes?

Strange, that is new one …

Just to be clear, you drag the hand layers up the stack ( ie. left hand window ) until they are right at the top and the hands still show up below the other layers, is that right ?


Another option to reorder layers is to click on the arrow at the right of each layer name. In the menu that drops down select “Move to front”.


Correct. I’ve tried manually dragging the hand layers to the top and also using the drop down menu to “Move to Front”.

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Are you on a PC, tablet or phone?

The reason I ask is I have no problem moving layers on my PC but I can’t do it on my tablet ( both running Chrome ).

Using PC, also Chrome. Here’s a screenshot just to be sure I’m not doing something dumb.

Umm, sorry I don’t see the problem …

The watch hands are the front layers yet the weather icon is showing above them, as is the number 3. Same as all of the other layers.

The watch hands should be above all of the others but they aren’t.

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Actually, it looks to me as if you are using hands that have semi-transparent inserts. So you might be seeing the other layers through the hands not above them. You could test this by choosing other hands that are fully solid.

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Well spotted! Problem solved! Thanks a mil.

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You are most welcome!