Lcars 3.0 sync problems

Hi all, i have a Samsung Galaxy 4 watch running the Lcars 3.0 face. However im having a few issues i can’t work out:

Home/clock screen, steps are at the bottom but it is telling me my goal is 10k (it’s not) can that be manually tweeked?

On the weather screen the info is not syncing with the actual weather, it’s showing no information, however when i press the display it takes me to my local weather…

What am i doing wrong? Please say it’s an easy fix


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I don’t think the goal can be set.

The weather information loads fine for me:

I can only advise:
The weather is pulled from the Internet, so you have to have wifi connection or bluetooth connection via your phone. Also make sure Facer permissions are set to allow…


I have checked the permissions, and wifi and bluetooth are enabled.

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Make sure you have location turned on in both the watch and the phone it’s synced to. Otherwise weather will never work. It’s a both or nothing issue.


They are on, on both as far as i can tell… should i have a specific weather app installed?

Arr you using a specific weather app? Im just using the samsung one preloaded on my phobe

I’ve heard it helps to have the OpenWeather app, but I can’t say one way or another. Most people’s biggest issue is the location.