Leap year hand expression


I looked through the tags document and couldn’t find a Leap Year tag…

I’m looking for an expression for a leap year hand…

Any help is appreciated


Here the guys were looking for an answer


Thank you very much @lucky.andrei :blush:

It is working…thanks

Any ideas on an expression for year hand?

Well, until 2100, the following will work … and I suspect our Facer watch faces may not still be around then :slight_smile:

rotation: ((#Dy#%4)*90)

If you wanted to get complicated and make it not show a leap year in 2100, 2200 & 2300 you could add a second hand that say, gets stuck on “year 3” during these years with the main hand seeming to jump to “year 1” the following year.

hand 1:
rotation: ((#Dy#%4)*90)
opacity: $(#Dy#%100)==0&&(#Dy#%400)!=0?0:100$

hand 2:
rotation: 270 (or wherever you want it to point in a non-leap year divisible by 4 )
opacity: $(#Dy#%100)==0&&(#Dy#%400)!=0?100:0$

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Thank you @mikeoday

However; I have dial with the years on it; 2020, 2021, etc. up to 2031 (12 years), I’m also guessing no one will keep the face till then :wink:, and since the previous expression provided by @lucky.andrei to show/hide a certain object for leap year, I just need to rotate the dial to show the current year

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Sorry, I should have read through all of the thread more carefully. So you have a dial with 12 year labels and you want the hand to rotate 360 degrees in 12 years, is that right?

Assuming 2020 is at the top of the dial:

Rotation: ((#Dy#-2020)*30)

Or do you want continuous rotation:

Rotation: ((#Dy#-2020)30+(#DD#/36630)) if the year starts at 12 o’clock position
Rotation: ((#Dy#-2020)30+(#DD#/36630)-15) if the year starts at 11.30 position

Is that what you were after? I feel I may still be missing something …:thinking:

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Thank you @mikeoday, this works perfectly… much appreciated

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