Learning and trying things

Second watch face. Thanks to @russellcresser for the tip on the default opacity. Really helped on this one. Tried to add a few more elements to this one. Still keeping it relatively simple. I’ll always have mine inspectable. I like the feedback and maybe someone can learn from my stuff.


Hey. That is great Some effort has gone in there. I am not being critical. The Battery Gauge is important to me as the Galaxy Active I have needs charging twice a day some time. Depends how much I Muller it Testing. The active part ov the display is actually 28 mm Diameter. So your Battery text is going to come out about 1mm high.
I will Invite you to inspect my work. I have used every kind of gauge over the Range.
Yeah keep it simple for now. That Face will be Popular. The real geek stuff does not really get a lot of Syncs. You have to ask yourself why am I doing this. I do it just for Fun and enjoy sharing that on Facer.


I like this one Brian Sir, but I’d suggest making your Dim display look a bit better by maybe the whole Robot there, not just his arms telling the Time :thinking:

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