Leaving comments on designs

I see in my design locker it shows sync count and comment count for each of my designs… where does one go to even check/leave comments on a face? I have looked in both the app and online and can’t find any comment section. Can someone please advise?

Open Creator when you are on the computer. Over on the left you should see reviews/comments. You may have to scroll down a bit. There may be another way, but that’s how I do it to see and reply to comments because I am on the computer more often than using the phone app.

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Well I don’t have any comments yet so I see nothing. How do I leave a comment? I don’t see the option to leave them on other designer’s watches

So i only just asked this last week becuase it hought i was going mad. Indeed on the PC you can view comments left by others and reply to them but…

…you need to use the app on your phone to leave comments against a watch on Facer and apparently as in my case if your on iOS that’s not yet supported but its in the pipeline :wink:

Hope that helps.

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Thx Dave :thumbsup:

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