[Leezard] Fun with car speedometers

Hi all,

I was driving in my old car last morning and thought that my speedometer could become a funny watchface.
As it’s an old car, it’s really basic, so I would like to give you TWO watchfaces for the price of one…

The first one is from my Renault Twingo (10 yaers old!!).
Here is what this car looks like… not so sporty :grin:

And here’s the watchface

the second one is … a car I don’t own but has a really interesting style, it’s the Lexus LFA

Much more impressive, eh ? :wink:
Here’s the watchface

Feel free to tell me if something’s wrong, or awful, or anything else :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !



Very nice!

To continue with car speedometers, here’s a BMW one :slight_smile:

oops… BMW is registered… I’m going to contact the facer team, because it’s not from a real watch !!