[Leezard micro tutorial] Alternate way to calculate Calories

Hello everybody,

In addition to the @Tomaja method, I wanted to introduce a new way of calculating calories burned according to the steps made during the day

We start from the number of calories burned per minute.
According to the site Dépenses caloriques consommées pour la marche à pied
(sorry for non french users…)
We have to calculate the MET (Metabolic Equivalent of Task)
The MET value for normal walk is 3. This means that you will make 3 times more efforts than when you’re resting. For quick walk, the MET will be 3.5, for nordic walk, it will be 5.

Detailed way of calculation for everyday walk :

Kcal / minute : (MET3.5Weight)/200
For my watch, I take a 75 kg weight by default, so the result will be :

(33.575)/200 = 3.93

After that, you can use the formula given by @Tomaja in this topic ([TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] How to Convert Steps into Miles, Kilometres, Calories & Sport Time)

Then after multiplying the 1st and 2d result, you will have your Kcal !

Don’t think I want to correct @Tomaja !! This is just an other way to calculate :slight_smile:

Here’s where I used it : (inspection mode available of course :slight_smile: )