Lemfo LEM12 Pro

good morning everyone I tried to install Facer on the Motorola Edge smartphone to send Watch face on lemfo LEM12 Pro but it doesn’t work :weary: years ago I used it and I liked it a lot, I don’t remember, perhaps with Huawei watch gt.
the application is very nice, can you study? :wink:

I’m afraid this watch doesn’t use an operating system supported by Facer. Huawei watch gt also uses an unsupported OS.

on the Huawei it worked!

According to information on the net, Huawei Watch GT uses a proprietary system. But I don’t own it. So I can’t confirm or deny that.

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Which Huawei? Their original Watch 1 was Wear OS and is comparable with Facer, but the GT and all since are not Wear OS