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LEMFO LEM16 Smartwatch new model

I would lake to buy a LEMFO LEM16. Does somebody know if the FACER watch faces work with this watch ? Because in the Facer app there is no Lemfo model. It only shows shows under others Android OS. Before I had a Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 and was quite happy with it. But now I would like to opt for a Chinese watch. In case Face would not work there is another app that will work. Gaofit. And Lemfo uses also the app called WiiWatch. But I really like FACER.

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I would say NO.

From what I can see it is a stand alone Phone dressed as a watch. I can not see how it would be the best of both. It will not get faces from Facer on it.


To add on to what @russellcresser said, it says the operating system is Android 11 not WearOS. They are using a phone operating system as the watch operating system. Facer will not recognize Android, only WearOS.