Let there be light

Must be early X-mas to some, few.

What you think about this one, dear fellow face makers. I used here the extended hands. I made them transparent, a necessity for hands to prevent them from hiding beauty. Used a different method for the hour. Anyway, as always, welcome to the comments.


Very different, and some nice creativity, but it’s not my cup of tea sorry. Still a great job done though, so well done :+1:

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Hi pbervoets, normally I’am a big fan of your designs, but this one is not my cup of tea.
Technically high standard, but I’am more the fan of clear watches and this one is for me a bit confusing.
Never the less, I’am waiting for your next design.


@hippocampus.watches I truly respect your honesty! We must be able to disagree, I welcome that too. If the world could find a way to respectfully disagree and accept it fully, yeah Louis Amstrong would had a big smile playing „What a wonderful world“ and we all could live better. Thanks!