Letter D please in a design

Looking for Designs you all are extremely talented
You make having a watch that much more enjoyable. sorry not sure the protocol or where I can make such a request. Thank you in advance effort and time

Hi donnadtrain,
We’re always glad to help, but we will need more information. What type of background do you want – plain color, flowers, geometric, polka dots, plaid, etc? Do you want the “D” to be something very ornate, or a simple textbook type of “D”? What type of information do you want the face to display? If you can give us a few more details, it will help us to visualize what might work for you. If you can post a link to something similar as an example that would be great.

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@donnadtrain How about this one? I had fun making it. Feel free to reply and suggest changes to the design!


@donnadtrain If you have digital time or a black background in mind, here’s a draft of a metallic D against a black Damask background. If it’s what you want, reply soon, and I’ll publish it for you.
[Image deleted. No reply from OP.)


Very elegant design.

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Please note: I do not leave designs in drafts indefinitely, so if it is not needed I will be removing it toward the end of the week.